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Bridge Auctions Volume 1 - digital

Philippe Cronier Jean-Christophe Quantin Michel Bessis

Discover Les Enchères au bridge, a book that explores in depth the French Education System (SEF) for two-person auctions. Written by three renowned specialists, this book will answer all your questions and help you progress in the auction situations you face. Volume 1 focuses specifically on two-person bidding.

In Bridge Auction Volume 1, you will find an in-depth exploration of the two-person bidding system. It is an essential reference to deepen your understanding and progress in this area. This book will quickly become your indispensable companion.

A word from the Bridger: Do you want to play a simple, effective bidding system used by the majority of your partners? Start by getting the SEF, the system initiated by the French Bridge Federation. Then, immerse yourself passionately in this book.


Prologue. Hand evaluation
Chapter 1. Openness
Chapter 2. Responses to opening at level 1
Chapter 3. Responses to other openings
Chapter 4. The opener's request again
Chapter 5. The respondent's second bid
Chapter 6. Auction after pass
Chapter 7. Slam auctions

Number of pages : 264 pages

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  • Language: French

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  • Mentioned topic: Bridge auctions
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