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Consumer information


This section contains general information about how our marketplace works.

  1. Description of intermediation service and nature of contracts signed

We provide you with the "Aristotle Academy" Marketplace, a technical intermediation platform accessible via the website.

The marketplace enables you to buy live or replay bridge lessons (e-learning) from bridge teachers (professional or amateur), as well as bridge-related digital content (e-book, audio, video, presentation, deals, training, etc.).

When you place an order on the marketplace, you enter into a sales contract with the teacher.

  1. Quality of people who can sell products on the Marketplace

The teachers listed on the marketplace may be professionals acting as such or private individuals.

  1. Price of intermediation service

The intermediation service we provide is free for buyers. When you buy a product on the marketplace, you only pay the price of the product and the associated costs (delivery costs in particular).

  1. Payment and transaction management methods

Payment for the products offered on the marketplace is made in a single instalment at the time of ordering.

You can choose your method of payment at the time of ordering from among the methods of payment that we offer and that the professor accepts.

The payment methods we offer are :

  • Credit card

Transactions carried out on the marketplace are managed by our payment service provider, Stripe.

  1. Your benefits

We are in no way a party to the contract of sale concluded between you and a teacher when you place an order on the marketplace.

Therefore, we do not offer any guarantees on the products other than those owed to you by the teachers.

Teachers acting as professionals on the marketplace are liable to you under the legal warranty of conformity, when you purchase a product from them and you are a private individual or a non-professional (i.e. a legal entity not purchasing for the needs of your professional activity).

  1. Dispute settlement procedures

We are not obliged to intervene in any disputes between you and a teacher.  

In the event of a dispute concerning an order, we invite you to contact the teacher via the Marketplace through your member account.

We may decide to intervene in a dispute with a teacher at your or the teacher's request (particularly in the event of the teacher's default). In this case, the teacher must comply with the solution we recommend.

  1. Technical support

In the event of a technical problem concerning a product purchased on the marketplace, such as the inability to access a course, view or download content, we invite you to contact our technical support directly:

- via the marketplace, using the help section provided;

- or by e-mail to



This section contains information on how to list, delist and rank products on our marketplace.

  1. Product listing and delisting criteria
    1. Referencing criteria

The Marketplace only lists bridge-related products.

These products are as follows:

  • live bridge lessons and videoconferences;
    replays of bridge lessons;
    other digital content (e-book, audio, video, presentation, deals, training, etc.).
    1. Dereferencing criteria

1. Dereferencing in the event of product non-compliance

Products may be delisted, temporarily or permanently, when the products or the information and content of the product sheet published on the marketplace :

  • do not comply with the marketplace's product listing criteria;
    infringe the rights of third parties, such as intellectual property rights (copyright and neighboring rights), industrial property rights (trademarks, patents, designs and models) and any other applicable rights (in particular image rights, privacy rights, personality rights);
    infringe a selective or exclusive distribution network;
    are contrary to public order and morality, or risk damaging the image of the marketplace or our company;
    contravene any applicable law or regulation.

2. Déréférencement des produits en cas de fermeture du compte du professeur 

In addition, all a teacher's products may be temporarily or permanently dereferenced in the event of suspension or permanent closure of his or her marketplace account.

A teacher's account may be suspended:

  • in the event of valid reasons, such as the teacher's failure to comply with his or her obligations to you (refusal to apply a legal guarantee, unjustified refusal to reimburse you, etc.) or to us (sale of illegal products, publication of illegal content, etc.);
  • in the event of suspicious or abnormal use of the teacher's account (prevention of piracy in particular);
  • in the event of partial or total unavailability of the marketplace for technical reasons (maintenance operations, regional or worldwide saturation of the Internet network or of the marketplace hosting provider's server center, etc.);

The teacher's account can be closed permanently:

  • in the event of termination of the contract between the teacher and us for any valid reason (non-compliance with the prerequisites required to be a teacher on the Marketplace, commission of prohibited behavior on the marketplace, serious or repeated non-compliance with an obligation of the teacher to you or to us);
  • if the teacher decides to unsubscribe from the marketplace;
  1. Product classification criteria 
    1. Categories and main classification criteria
  • You can search for products on the Marketplace according to the categories and any sub-categories provided by the marketplace.

The categories are :

  • Online courses.
  • replays.
  • other digital content.

The "Online courses" category comprises several sub-categories:

  • Bridge lessons, Initiation, Defensive play, Playing with the dead man, Bidding.

The "Media Library" category includes several sub-categories:

  • Replay, Courseware, Ebook.

You can also search for products by keyword using the marketplace search engine, which includes all product-related terms (titles, subtitles, descriptions).

You can refine your search by ticking attributes and/or selecting filters on the marketplace (years of experience, level of practice, language, bridge tool, price, recommended, creation date).

When you use the search engine and/or search by filter or attribute, the results of your search are classified :

  • first, by relevance to the terms you enter in the search engine and/or the filters or attributes you select ;
  • alternatively, by chronology (from the most recently published product to the least recently published).
  1. Sponsored products

We allow teachers to showcase certain products in return for a fee.

The products concerned may be featured or promoted on the marketplace.

If this is the case, we will inform you by placing the word "sponsored" on the relevant ad.



This section contains information concerning the conditions for submitting and processing ratings and reviews submitted online on the marketplace.

  1. Grading and submitting notices

The Marketplace lets you rate the teacher and post a review after the product you've ordered has been delivered to you.

    1. Procedure for awarding marks and submitting notices

To give a rating and submit a review, you must :

  • have used the product ordered;
  • be connected to your account on the marketplace and follow the procedure below :


  1. Choosing an order : go to your order history in your account, then choose the order for which you wish to leave a review and/or a note.
  2. Assign a rating and write a review : you can assign a satisfaction rating (out of 5) to the product and/or teacher concerned, and add a review of your order.
  3. Validate rating and review : you can then validate your rating and review by clicking on the appropriate button.



  1. Rules for submitting notices

It is forbidden to post a notice :

  • containing deliberately false, erroneous or misleading information or content;
  • if you have not actually used the product;
  • containing defamatory, hateful, libelous, abusive, obscene, discriminatory, racist or homophobic statements or statements inciting defamation, racial, religious or ethnic hatred, discrimination or homophobia, and in general any statement likely to constitute a criminal offence or contrary to any law or regulation in force;
  • containing statements or content contrary to public order or morality;
  • likely to infringe the rights of third parties, such as in particular intellectual property rights (copyright and related rights), industrial property rights (trademarks, patents, designs and models) and any other applicable rights (in particular image rights, privacy rights, personality rights);
  • for advertising or promotional purposes, for yourself or for a third party;
  • contain hypertext links to other websites or references of any kind to a website;
  • containing personal data of third parties.contenant des données à caractère personnelle de tiers.
  1. Absence of consideration

No consideration is provided in exchange for a valuation or opinion on the marketplace.


  1. Publication of reviews

Notices are published on the marketplace immediately after they are submitted.

Published reviews are kept for 10 years.

Reviews are published in their entirety, regardless of whether they are positive or negative for the teacher or product concerned.

  1. Checking ratings and reviews

We do not exercise any prior control over the notices published on the Marketplace.

On the other hand, we may remove any obviously illicit notice as soon as we become aware of it. In this respect, any user of the Marketplace can make a report by following the procedure for reporting illicit content.

Teachers can also report ratings and reviews that they feel are unjustified or contravene the marketplace's review submission rules. We can then remove the disputed rating and/or review. In this case, we will notify the author, who will have 7 days to comment.

  1. Modification of ratings and notices

Only the author of a note and/or review may modify it/them.