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Create, modify a course

We propose here two tutorials to learn how to create a course and then modify it.

Creating a course

Three steps :

1 - Presentation :

  • Find a striking title that makes students want to take your course. (You can be inspired by the predefined categories)
  • Describe your course, specify the theme, give all the information that could be useful to follow your course.
  • Select a category to classify your course on the site.
  • Choose a visual among those we propose or import the one of your choice (consult the glossary to choose the appropriate visual). Optional, you can import pdf files (course material for example, visible to everyone) and a video link to your youtube channel.

2 - Set a price and a schedule :

  • Set a price per participant (By default, there is no commission on the teacher's income, a platform fee of 3.60€ is added to this price and paid by the student when booking)
  • Set the duration and a maximum number of participants if you wish.
  • Define a schedule, choose to give a class at a fixed date and time or propose a recurring class for example every Saturday at 11am for two months (All this is detailed in the video)

3- Finalize your ad :

  • Specify the language spoken during the course
  • The bridge tool you will use to give your course.
  • You can specify the theme again, this will allow students to find your course more easily.
  • Validate the terms and conditions
  • Publish