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Footsteps Volume 2 - New Edition

The unmissable bestseller dedicated to the card game is signed Berthe and Lébely. The pedagogical approach of this book is progressive, ranging from the level of improvement to the master's level. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary, Norbert Lébely wanted to bring the first two cult volumes up to date. What will you find in Step by Step Volume 2? After volume 1, Robert Berthe and Norbert Lébely propose to acquire the mechanisms and notions necessary for the game with color. The authors have accepted a profound questioning of their pedagogy of the card game, by putting in the foreground the count of the winners in the establishment of the game plan. In addition to its theoretical interest, this way of proceeding has the advantage of unifying the mode of reasoning, whether trump or trumpless, and at the same time simplifying the practice of the game. How is the book structured? The various books that make up this collection are presented in the form of data commented in detail, each deal including the logical path leading to the right game plan. In the last part of each book, the authors propose a series of exercises commented in the form of questions and answers. Number of pages : 170

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  • Language: French
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