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The Bridge Auction Volume 3 - digital

Discover the French Education System (SEF) explained and commented by three bridge specialists, with a focus on competitive auctions. The Bridge Auction Volume 3 is the last book in this series, offering answers, in-depth developments and tracks of progression for all bidding situations. After exploring two-way bidding in the first book and four-way bidding in the second, this third book approaches competitive bidding from the point of view of the opener's camp.

In Bridge Auction Volume 3, you will find a multitude of frequent and crucial situations, such as different responses to Sputnik counters, bidding after an intervention by a counter call, 1SA or a dam. You will also discover the developments to adopt when the opponent intervenes on your precise openings. The second part of the book delves deeper into waking situations, whether after an opening or an elaborate sequence, with an emphasis on judgment and decision-making.

This third volume is a remarkable work by the authors, making the subtleties of a complex system accessible to all club bridge players. However, it should be noted that some situations described in the book were not included in previous versions of the SEF. The authors had to make choices hoping to gain approval from readers as well as editors of future versions of the SEF. In addition, given the context of competitive auctions, hand judgment plays a key role. This bias is essential for any player wishing to progress.

The entire series Les Enchères au bridge, and in particular this third volume, is an essential resource for any French bridger of the twenty-first century. By immersing yourself in this book, you will acquire the keys to competitive bidding, you will progress in your game and you will approach bidding with pleasure.


- Chapter 1: The bidding of the respondent after an opening of 1 to the color and an intervention by a color without jumping.

- Chapter 2: The bidding of the respondent after an opening of 1 to the color and an intervention by a counter-call.

- Chapter 3: The bidding of the respondent after an opening of 1 to the color and various interventions: 1SA, a dam, a bidding of bicolor.

- Chapter 4: The auction of the opener's camp after the opening of 1SA, a dam and a strong opening.

- Chapter 5: The opener's bidding after an intervention by player n°4.

- Chapter 6: Awakenings.

Preface: Patrick Grenthe, President of the French Bridge Federation

Number of pages : 280

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  • Language: French
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