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Marc Kerlero

Since 1979, I am a teacher approved by the French Bridge Federation (FFB) with the highest grade, that of teacher. I have dedicated my life to teaching bridge, passing on my passion and knowledge to many players.

My background in bridge also includes remarkable achievements. I had the honour of becoming Junior European Champion in 1984, an unforgettable experience that marked the beginning of my career. In 2004, I was also runner-up in France National Division 1 by four, an achievement of which I am very proud.

In addition to my role as a teacher, I have always been involved in bridge journalism. I have held various positions, including Editor-in-Chief of Objective 13, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Bridgeur, and finally Editor-in-Chief of Bridgerama. These opportunities allowed me to share my knowledge and expertise with a wider audience.

Writing has also been a passion for me. To date, I have had the privilege of writing 14 bridge books, which have been a great success with fans of the game. These books cover various aspects of bridge and aim to help players improve their game and deepen their understanding of bridge.

Bridge is much more than just a game for me, it is a real passion that has guided my life. I have spent decades teaching, acting, writing and sharing my passion for this fascinating game. I hope to continue contributing to the bridge community and inspiring new players to discover the joys of bridge.

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France La Baule FFB Certification

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